Milking equipment cleaning processes quality assurance

Solution for dairy farms

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independent quality assurance
remote farms in a single view
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Milking equipment cleaning processes quality control and evaluation

  • Dairy farm cleaning processes digitalised and analysed in a realtime;
  • Equipment independent solution, integratable with majority of milking equipment manufacturers (De Laval, GEA-Westfallia, BouMatic or others);
  • Remote location monitoring and evaluation in a single window;
  • Automated cleaning process evaluation with individually configurable dairy farm requirements and processes;
  • Automated notifications for responsible stakeholders about any processes deviations;
  • Ensuring required bioenvironment to maintain highest raw milk quality and avoid losses;
  • Monitor and control industrial processes remotely, using your smart device.

Dairy farm using our solution managed to identify continuous quality flaws of their newest milking equipment and by spotting and fixing in a timely manner managed to avoid losses and maintain biological environment.

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