Real-time industrial data analytics, reporting and control system

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Digitalizing industrial data

Saving time and resources through precise, fast and actionable insights into Your complex industrial processes, automating and making them smart, ensuring highest quality and compliance.

We provide manufacturing companies flexible, independent & easily integrated solution for real-time factory floor and production lines analysis, reporting and control - that in the end will allow to optimize manufacturing processes, enable to react to issues instantly, remove unnecessary bottlenecks and provide crystal clear production traceability and enhance quality assurance.

Our solutions:
- Real time production line analytics;
- Real time cycle and production quality analytics;
- Real time industrial environment control system.

Features & Benefits

Optimize processes and maximize your product value!

Platform independent

Easily integrate with any production line setup and do not involve in mechanical/IT/configuration hassle


Access from anywhere and anytime - you no longer need to be next to production line to monitor your processes.

Real-time data

Have an in-depth view into what is going on on the production line and make timely decisions


Get instant alerts on inordinary line behaviour and avoid costly stoppages and downtimes

Historical data

See historical data and foresee possible bottlenecks and make measured decisions for process optimizations

Role based reporting

Get detailed reporting information depending on your goals within a company - either you are operations manager, sales manager or a shareholder

Industry 4.0
Be ahead of competition.

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